Farm Fresh Flowers

Farm Fresh Flowers maintains a high standard of quality parameters in the production, harvest, and packaging of fresh cut flowers.

About us

Farm Fresh Flowers

Located in the beautiful Bogota Savanna, our farms are renowned for the high quality of their products. The region’s altitude, resting at of 8,500 feet above sea level, and the richness of the local soils, provide the optimal conditions for growing flowers.To this, we add our expertise, gathered during more than 15 years of refining our processes of cultivating and delivering our products to our customers in the United States and Canada.

We continually introduce new products into the market and to offer our customer the perfect complement to any floral program through a broad selection of flowers for bouquets, consumer bunches, and floral arrangements. Our farms are known for the quality of their flowers, but we also excel at providing a great service. Simply put, we take pride in taking care of our customers and strive to provide an excellent service, in terms of the quality of our work, our professional behavior and the timely delivery of our flowers.

We begin by checking all of our products, detecting potential issues before our boxes are out the door. But if a problem does arise, we will solve swiftly. At Farm Fresh Flowers, we are one hundred percent behind our products and one hundred percent dedicated to taking care of our customers’ needs.



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